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Jeanne Leto

Jeanne Leto

Nominated several times as America's best reader at Cayce's A.R.E. foundation.

Reader for Justice Served Private Investigations N.C.

The Sacred School of Knowledge

Former Head Oracle for The Sacred School of Knowledge

Referrals Only

Jeanne has been helping clients since a near death experience for over 15 years .  She is caring and kind.  Most importantly, she guides you to use your own God given intuition through prayer and exercises that help you receive from heaven.  Intuition means God communicating through your five senses.  We all have them, but for some more senses are opened than for other.  Jeanne's clients are as far as Israel,  Cuba, Canada, England,  Puerto Rico, and everywhere in the states.  Doctors, producers, lawyers, private investigative groups, designers, actors, and just amazing people use her gifts on a daily basis. Everyone is treated the same, no matter what walk of life that you're in. She's shot a t.v. pilot, developed show ideas, written a sweet and helpful, true book, and has taught on angels, and angel card reading.  Jeanne warns you that you should never be told how many reads you should get.  It never should be under manipulation working with a God centered reader.  Never. Email today at jeanneleto@gmail.com to see if she is the right person to help on your spiritual journey! She also has retained clients, booking her monthly for business decisions.

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Friends of Jeanne / References

Corinne Litzenberg
Children's Author

I was blown away by Jeanne's reading. She knew names and events that are very specific to my life. She is the real deal.

- C.W., Physician, California

Jeanne is the real deal medium. I'm as skeptical, and linear-thinking a scientist as there is. She communicated with my deceased husband in ways that still leave my head spinning. Most importantly, through her imponderable gift, she did more to help me transcend the grief of my loss than any trained grief counselor I met with. My eternal gratitude to her.

- M.A., PhD, Scientist, California

Jeanne has been my friend as well as my antenna to the spiritual world. I travel our globe; this woman is as good as any you will ever meet.

-S.M., Entertainment Producer, FL, CA, NYC

Jeanne has been helping my husband and I for the past six years. She's accurate and has faith in God. She's the real deal.

~ Mary R, NY Real Estate

Jeanne was not only able to connect with my loved ones to deliver personal messages, she had a remarkable way of making me feel comfortable from the beginning. Since then, I have gained a wonderful friend. Jeanne is truly an amazing woman and her gift is undeniably real.

- E.F., Maryland

I am a young Russian who needed help with work, and my living situation.  Jeanne has helped guide me through many tough times.  She's been kind and very accurate in her reads, and I highly recommend Jeanne as an advisor.
- Tatianna hotel manager Washington D.C. 

I am a retired naval officer & Electronics Engineer with 30 years of pretty rigid rules and standards.  When my wife passed away, it was undeniable - she was still around.  I could not get my head wrapped around the fact that I could feel her.  Strange things happened in my daily life that could not be explained otherwise.         

I researched 'death & dying', and 'where do we go when we die?' for over a year, I was obsessive in my search for answers.  As I learned more, I finally felt it time to find someone who could help me communicate with the other side.  I was still skeptical.  Jeanne was not my first choice, as I didn't know of her.  Random chance and happenstance (seemingly - but I am sure arranged by 'the other side') - led me to Jeanne Leto.        

Jeanne is the real thing!  It was my experience with her that caused me to depart from my engineering mind-set and no longer deny that this sort of talent was not real.  It is real, and after much 'shopping around', I can honestly say, she is the best, gives you her 'all' and then some, and will not take you for a ride.   

Jeanne not only bridged the gap to the other side, she taught me and my daughters some of the metaphysical aspects of 'life & energy'.  She has been a mentor and confidant to me.  I randomly book sessions with her, and each time, she has been 'spot-on' accurate.   For instance - a few years ago, during a few of our sessions, she mentioned I would be a consultant in the Washington D.C. area.  I really dislike D.C.   Today I am in D.C. after a $20,000. relocation incentive & pay raise, to provide services for what I know best.

- C.H., Washington D.C.

I have known Jeanne for over 7 years. She is the “Real Deal”. Her readings are descriptive with names, images, and meaning.  She puts it all together for you and helps to guide you to a better understanding and path. She is truly gifted!


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Please note: Jeanne is available Wednesday through Sunday only (6am to 5pm).   Limited Space.  Referrals Only.

Email Jeanne at jeanneleto@gmail.com or use the form below.   If there is an issue with paying, please let Jeanne know.  She will try to help per case.

All phone readings must be pre-paid. Requested times cannot be guaranteed but Jeanne will try to accommodate as her schedule allows.

15 mins phone $50
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60 mins in person $200
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